Survey rates nursing home as one of the best in the country

Residents at Coppice Court in Eastbourne were asked to rate different aspects of the care, with scores for the range of activities on offer, tastiness or otherwise of food and a host of other sections.

And the survey findings, which was carried out independently on behalf of BUPA, revealed Coppice Court was one of the six best in the country.

Home manager Fiona Yurteri said, “We are so pleased to receive such feedback and hear our residents are happy with the standards and level of care in the home.

“We have such a great team of dedicated, hard-working staff who always try and go above and beyond, but at the end of the day, none of that would matter unless it’s making a difference to the people that count.”

Tracey Fletcher, Bupa’s customer service director, added, “Choosing the right care home is such an important decision, so this survey is a great way for the community to learn more, and more importantly, hear the opinions of residents who have made this their home.”

The survey was carried out in over 300 Bupa care homes across the UK.


Sourced from The Eastbourne Herald, 27th February 2012.